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Women of Influence


Blessed Child of Mine,
I am the God of Restoration. I long to restore for you past relationships that have grown cold. I long to restore to you all that which was lost in the days of old.
Restoration is one of the keys to becoming whole in me. To Restore something is to bring back what was..but I am going to do a new thing..I am not going to restore what was.. but yet bring it back to you new and recreated into what I want it to be, how it should it was meant to be. ... Because see if I bring back those broken relationships to you the way that they were then the relationships will falter and once more not last, you see.. something was broken there, words were said that caused wounds to be formed. So I am going to bring that relationship back to you whole and healed so that the relationship you will now have.. will be on a firm and strong foundation.
I am going to restore to you..your dreams you had as a child. I am not going to bring back to you the same dreams sweet one, for they were birthed out of fleshly desires...instead I am going to bring to your heart dreams that will catapult you into that which you have been longing for and these dreams are going to be placed into your spirit so that when the time comes the dreams will be released and come forth.
I am restoring to you love, not the love you have known, but to you I am bestowing upon you and within you the Love of a Father: which gives you authority over the enemy...which creates in you a pure heart. I am going to place this love within the brokenness of your heart and this love, my love, will act like a glue that will mend together all the pieces of your shattered heart and will leave out the pieces that were never meant to be there in the first place. You see my child, all the wounding, hurt, and scars on your heart have kept you from believing in and trusting in me.. I will leave out all those pieces,, so that you will be able to receive my love completely and in return that Love will flow from you to others.
I am restoring back to you hope, faith, courage, dignity, LIFE! I am speaking LIFE into your spirit and Hope into your heart. I am breaking off of you all that has hindered your walk with me and your freedom to live your life abundantly: guilt, shame, regrets, anger, fear,doubt, and unbelief.
You will once again Be the Child of God whom I created you to be. Your step will be much lighter, and your Heart will be full of Joy. You are going to be free to dance, praise, sing, shout, LOVE.
You are Free! You are Redeemed! You are Forgiven! You are Chosen! You are my child, in whom I am so honored to be called Your Father, and Your Friend!







Our Community

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Greetings!  I just read the Women of Of Influence and was truly blessed.
Her sharing what God allowed shows that He is positioning His people.
I will be sharing this web site with All.  Thank you for being where and
what God wants you to be.  Blessings. Ambassador "OH"


Dear Mark, this is a wonderful effort, I am so very proud of you.
Congratulations on your great move forward with your ministry.  May God
continue to guide your steps toward a greater outreach ministry. Love
you always.


Edna J. Sneed-New York


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