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Women of Influence

Violation comes in all forms such as vandalizing, theft, robbery, assault, battery, forcing someone to do something they don't want to do, rape, molestation, etc. You name it and it has happened to me. Sometimes the things of life are so hard that I find myself questioning God wondering why, when and how much longer? What pushed me over the edge? Thursday my car was broken into which left me feeling helpless, violated, and mad, scared, and dealing with all kinds of crazy mixed emotions. I found myself sleeping late getting up at 12:00 every day since Friday through today. I didn't go to church today, I don't want to be bothered with the world, been locked in my apartment since Friday and don't want to work tomorrow or the day after. I'm at a point of just plain ole' TIRED, do I give up or do I keep going? What do I have to go back to? Certainly not my past, there's nothing there but a sinner's life. I can't give up that would be giving up on God and we all know we can't do anything without God. So I share this with those who are at the end of their rope to keep pressing forward and keep trusting God no matter what it look or feels like, especially those who are single and have no one to lift them up. Do what you must cry it out, praise it out, scream it out, fight your way out of it, whatever it takes do it! Whatever you do, don't let the devil win and don't give up on God no matter how hard it becomes. To the lost man who violated my car and my personal belongings I say "forgive him Lord for he knows not what he HAS DONE!" To him it's nothing, to me its personal, that was MY STUFF and he had no right to it! I have to pay for rental expenses, I've lost personal information to my ministry and my life that I cannot replace, he has access to where I live, etc., but I cover my house with the blood of Jesus and I pray he's saved and delivered and repent of what he's done to me and possibly many others. So yes, forgive those who trespass against you, it makes your healing easier, it's hard but you have to. Keep praying and don't stop trusting God, he'll always come through no matter what!



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